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What is Peronin?

Peronin provides complete nourishment for the demands of high performance with added vitamins and minerals - not to be confused with energy drinks. The powder, which consists of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTx), passes through the stomach in about six to seven minutes and it is then absorbed immediately in various areas of the intestine almost without residue. Unlike traditional food it does not have to be broken down first in the stomach but it is consumed straight away. So Peronin provides immediate and lasting energy. What is more, the tiredness typical after a meal does not occur, there is no shortage of oxygen and visits to the toilet are minimised.

Scientific research shows that the body can make use of less than 60% of the calories/joules that it absorbs in difficult situations (tiredness, cold, heat, anxiety). But with Peronin, a usage level of up to 96% is assured.

Peronin gives you the certainty of daily balanced nourishment and it provides you with a rapid supply of energy in every situation without stressing your body.

Peronin has been used successfully for years by extreme sportspeople on mountain and desert marathons, on the Ironman, on expeditions and in many other long-distance and ultra-sports.  

Peronin is available with vanilla, orange and chocolate flavours.