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How do I prepare Peronin?
Mix one serving of powder with some water. Add the rest of the water, and stir well. Drink and enjoy.

When and how do I consume Peronin?
Peronin should not be consumed before or after athletic activity, but during. Drink enough water/isotonic drink with your Peronin: 1 swallow of Peronin + 2-3 sips of water/isotonic drink.

What effect does Peronin have on the body?
Peronin is complete nourishment that is quickly and thoroughly absorbed by the body. This is thanks to the small size of the molecules of the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and good solubility in water. So the MCTs are digested in the digestive tract and absorbed into the blood more quickly.

Could Peronin be seen as a doping product?
No. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been extensively researched. There is no similarity to doping or its effects whatsoever.  

What side effects does Peronin have?
None.  On the contrary, in fact. After consuming Peronin you feel motivated, all-round good, and ready for victory. In contrast to a traditional meal, you do not feel at all full with Peronin.

Does Peronin damage your health in the long term?
No. Years of research trials have not shown any health risks. Peronin is smart, complete, athletic nutrition for athletes.  

Can Peronin also be taken to help lose weight?
No. Peronin is not a diet food, but was developed for endurance athletes who are more active than average. Peronin demands that users are active; it is not suitable for people with an inactive lifestyle.

Do you still have any questions?
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