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Swiss thriatlete Jacqueline Uebelhart about Peronin

"My former coach introduced me to Peronin. I always had big difficulties eating a powerbar or other solid food during a competition. He handed me a sample of Peronin. It was available in two flavours, vanilla and chocolate. And I was surprised how great it tasted! 

So far so good. Then the first competition arrived during which I wanted to give Peronin a serious test. I was rather skeptical, because my stomach is very delicate and all the power biscuits, protein boosts and power bars you are supposed to eat during a competition make me sick very easily.  

With Peronin however, it was no problem. Peronin is a powder that you mix with water and therefore is very easy to consume. It contains valuable minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, but it doesn't stress the stomach at all. 

For me it is important to drink enough water or isotonic drinks besides Peronin. This mix is ideal to cope with every Ironman or Half-Ironman. 

I'm very glad that I discovered Peronin and I recommend it to all athletes. To me it is quite clear that I will never compete in a long-distance race without Peronin again."