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Swiss extreme mountaineer and solo climber Ueli Steck about Peronin

"When mountain climbing, many people invariably eat and drink too little. This causes the body’s glycogen reserves to be completely consumed, resulting in longer recovery periods. While out on my speed treks, I really made sure for the first time that I drank sufficient water and topped up my energy reserves. As a result, my performance hardly dropped off at all towards the end. Since setting the record for the Eiger, I make sure that I regularly drink water and top up my energy reserves during periods of exertion. This helps prevent that feeling of being totally drained and means that on the following day my body is less exhausted. This is crucial, especially in the Himalayas where I need to be in top condition for several days. 

Peronin is a perfect supplement to bars and gels. Peronin is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly and releases usable energy. The ability to consume 400 kcal in a half-liter drink helps me to lessen my calorie deficit. Now available in a new orange flavor, Peronin is ideal as a sports drink during periods of physical exertion. The vanilla shake is the perfect, quick and easy source of calories in the evening in your bivouac. Especially at altitudes of over 7000 meters above sea level, where loss of appetite is common, taking Peronin is the ideal solution. I use vanilla shakes in the morning as a quick breakfast while I’m still in my sleeping bag and later on, in the evening, to take the edge off my ravenous hunger as soon as I’m back in my sleeping bag. Orange is my favorite while on the go."